Countryside Veterinary Service PC of Cement City, MI provides vaccines for dogs and cats of all ages. We treat each pet on an individual basis and recognize that your pet differs from other pets. That’s why we make sure to customize a vaccination schedule to fit your pet’s needs.

We follow AAHA and AAFP vaccine recommendations to give core vaccines every 3 years once the initial puppy and kitten series are completed.

  • Core vaccines are vaccines that are recommended for most pets.
    • Dog core vaccines include DA2P:
      • Distemper (D) - a virus that starts by attacking the nose, throat and lungs looking like the flu, but can rapidly spread to the brain and spinal cord leading to death.
      • Adenovirus (A) - a virus that attacks the liver causing inflammation that can be fatal.
      • Parvovirus (P) - a virus that attacks the intestinal tract leading to severe diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. This virus is often fatal in young puppies, but older animals can be affected as well.
      • Parainfluenza (P) - a virus that can cause upper respiratory symptoms including a severe cough, nasal discharge and congestion.
      • Rabies - this virus is spread by saliva in bite wounds or any break in the skin. This virus can be spread to any mammal and is almost always fatal.
    • Cat core vaccines include PCR
      • Panleukopenia (P) - this virus has also been called feline distemper. This virus attacks the intestinal tract and the cat's immune system leading to severe vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. This disease is often fatal unless treated early.
      • Calici and Rhinotracheitis (CR) - these viruses can cause upper respiratory infections
    • Core vaccines for both dogs and cats:
      • Rabies - a virus most often spread through bite wounds can affect any mammal and is most often fatal

Non-core vaccines that are used in specific cases depending on the pet's lifestyle. These vaccines should be discussed with your vet to determine if your pet needs their protection.

  • Non-core vaccines for the dog include:
    • Leptospirosis - this is a bacteria spread through urine of mammals (often raccoons and skunks) that can cause liver and kidney failure. This bacteria can also spread to humans causing the same symptoms. This vaccine can occasionally cause allergic reactions especially in toy breeds.
    • Bordetella (kennel cough) - this can cause upper respiratory symptoms including a severe cough, nasal discharge and congestion. This vaccine is recommended for dogs that are boarding in a kennel or attend doggy day care, show dogs, dogs attending obedience or agility class and some groomers require it.
    •  Lyme disease - is a type of bacteria carried by ticks. More cases have been noted in Michigan over the last few years. This vaccine is recommended.
  • Non-core vaccines for cats:
    • Feline Leukemia - this virus attacks a cat's immune system which stops the cat from fighting off even small infections. This virus also has been known to cause kidney cancer in certain cats. This vaccine is recommended in any cat that spends even a small amount of time outdoors or a cat that is exposed to an outdoor cat.


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